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Learn CW Morse Code – Lesson Set 2
This is Lesson Set -2 in our multi-part series of CW Morse Code hands-on tutorials where we will introduce numerals and a few important punctuation marks as per International Morse Code standards and as approved by IARU for Amateur Radio Service use. While pursuing the previous Lesson Set – 1, you would have, by now, learned to copy all the 26 English language alphabets by the ear. You would have attained a proficiency level that would allow you to copy all the alphabets at 20 WPM with a Farnsworth timing of 17 WPM. Do not worry about the slight Farnsworth timing delay that we continue to retain at this stage of our learning process. Later, in Lesson Set – 3, we will gradually normalize the transmission speed which will be done in a seamless and painless manner.

CW Morse code keyIf you now intend to continue with this Lesson Set – 2, I would request you to pause for a moment and honestly make up your mind that you are ready to do so… You should be very comfortable in copying the Practice Lesson – 14 in the previous lesson set. If you think that there might be a few alphabets that still makes you fumble, then I would suggest you go back and practice a bit more to clear those small bottlenecks first before venturing further. Don’t try to rush it… A strong foundation at the alphabet level is very important and will go a long way in making you a great CW Morse Code radiotelegraphy operator.

However, if you are ready to take a plunge into the next level, then welcome to Lesson Set – 2. Sit down, relax, and proceed with the lessons…

All the procedural instructions for learning Morse code that I listed out in the Lesson Set – 1 article in the bulleted list is applicable here too. I will not repeat those points again but those who might like to refresh their memory could refer to Learn Morse Code – Lesson Set – 1.

In this lesson set, I will be adding the 10 numerals and 4 important punctuation marks (as recommended by IARU). These punctuation marks are the Forward slash (/), Question Mark (?), Full-stop (.), and the Comma (,). The numerals and punctuations will be introduced progressively in a mixed-mode, in a scientifically ascertained order that makes the learning process more robust. Although there are many more punctuation marks that are available, they are rarely if ever at all used in typical amateur radio communication or normal CW message delivery practice. We will not integrate such characters in our lesson sets, however, once you attain a general overall proficiency by following these lessons, you will be mentally equipped to learn any other additional character codes and add them to your repertoire on your own.

CW Morse Code Alphabets, Numerals, Punctuation marks – Let’s Learn
Now, let us get started with this Morse code lesson… This Lesson Set -2 is the next in the logical sequence of learning Morse code after having learned how to copy English language alphabets from the scratch or for all those who were rusty and needed to brush up their skills. Those who at some earlier point in time might have learned Morse code at slow or moderate transmission speeds up to 10-12 WPM but have difficulty in copying code at faster speeds would also benefit from our Morse code lesson series… Please adhere to the protocol that is listed in Lesson Set – 1 . Do not try to jump the gun or skip lesson modules…

Learn CW Morse Code

Numerals and punctuation mark characters are gradually introduced as we progress through our Lesson Set - 2... The 26 alphabets that we learned in the previous lesson set are also there in each lesson. Lesson #8 is a practice lesson in the end of this module.

Continue with your journey to learn Morse code - Bon voyage!
Start with the first lesson. Do not be in a hurry to go to the next lesson unless you feel adequately confident of having achieved sufficient fluency with the lesson you are on... Don't rush matters. Extra time spent on each lesson module at this stage will save a lot of heartaches later.

Before you begin the lessons below, please make sure that you have completed the Lesson Set - 1 and attained adequate fluency in copying all the alphabet that you learned there. Do not attempt this set of lessons unless you are thorough with the previous lessons.

Full Character Set Lesson – 01
Characters: All alphabets and 5 .

Full Character Set Lesson – 02
Characters: All alphabets and 5 . 7 /

Full Character Set Lesson – 03
Characters: All alphabets and 5 . 7 / 9 ,

Full Character Set Lesson – 04
Characters: All alphabets and 5 . 7 / 9 , 6 1

Full Character Set Lesson – 05
Characters: All alphabets and 5 . 7 / 9 , 6 1 ? 8

Full Character Set Lesson – 06
Characters: All alphabets and 5 . 7 / 9 , 6 1 ? 8 0 2

Full Character Set Lesson – 07
Characters: All alphabets and 5 . 7 / 9 , 6 1 ? 8 0 2 3 4

Practice Lesson – 08
Full Character Set @ 17 WPM Farnsworth Timing for more practice.

By now, you should have acquired adequate fluency in copying all 26 Morse code alphabets, numerals, and some commonly used punctuation marks. If you believe that your fluency in copying all characters from Practice lesson #8 has been satisfactory, then it is time for you to step up to the next lesson set - 3... However, don't rush it. If you need some more practice before attaining good confidence then spend some more time here till you are really ready. Hope you enjoyed learning Morse code so far...

Learn CW Morse Code - Lesson Set 2 1

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